Our two venues are the ideal sites to host this year’s London Oktoberfest! All sites will be transformed into a complete authentic Oktoberfest experience. The Oktoberfest tent will have a capacity of 1,500 people in Dock X and more than 2,500 in Walpole Park, Ealing!

Dock X, Canada Water and Walpork Park, Ealing are our newest additions to our unique venue selection. Walpole Park in central Ealing will host our famous Oktoberfest Halloween edition offering the best Oktoberfest experience while celebrating Halloween.

Plan your trip and find your most suitable venue that you don’t miss out London’s biggest Oktoberfest party. It is a good advice to come early in order to get a good seat. We recommend that you take the train/bus for your journey back, after a nice cold giant beer your car is not to be used anymore.

Walpole Park, Central Ealing

Train: Ealing Broadway

Dock X, Canada Water

Tube: Canada Water