Ticket Options


  • All packages booked together will be seated together at one table! (Prices vary on the different event days (admission fee))

    • General Admission £0-15
      Includes admission and a seat at the event. Seating is unreserved (back part of the tent) and will be on a first come first served basis.

    • Bavarian Tickets £11.00-26.00
      Includes admission and a guaranteed seat in the middle part of the tent. Moreover, 1 Mass of Bavarian FestBeer (1.5 Pint) and a Brezel snack.

    • Oktoberfest Package £35-50
      Includes admission and a guaranteed reserved seat in the Oktoberfest area (front part of the tent).
      (Drinks) 2 x 1 Mass (1.5 pint) of Bavarian FestBeer and an Jaegermeister shot.
      (Food) Welcome Brezel Snack and a German Bratwurst with Bavarian potato salad.

    • VIP Package £50-65
      Includes a reserved seat in the vip area, priority VIP entrance and toilets.
      (Drinks) 1 glass of German sparkling wine, 2 x 1 Mass (1.5 pint) Bavarian FestBeer, 1 Jaegermeister shot
      (Food) Welcome Bavarian snack plate, German premium Schnitzel with Bavarian potato salad


  • We also have special offers for corporate bookings. Have a look at our Corporate Page.

  • City Central at HAC
    Moorgate Station

    15th - 16th NOVEMBER


    Seats will be filled starting from the front. That means the earlier you book the better seated you get at the London Oktoberfest.

    If you decide to book more seats please remember to book them all with the same name then our system will sit you all together.

    Please not that our general termsn and conditions apply to all ticket holders

    London Oktoberfest floor plan